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HuaWei Mirrorsys (VR/360°)

Production Company(s): reallifefilm international GmbH 

Client(s): HuaWei

Country(s): Germany

What we did:  VFX-Supervision (On-Set)

Project Description: reallifefilm had the amazing task to shoot a commercial Project for Chinese company Huawei, promoting the newest development of the MIRRORSYS communication tool. We used Fraunhofer / Heinrich Hertz Institutes 360° “Omnicam“ to deliver an overall image with more than 10K resolution (horizontal). In addition to unique shooting locations, huge Greenscreens have been used for adding VFX Plates in Postproduction. First screenings took place in a 180° Projection System (TiME Lab), using Wavefield Synthesis Audio to support immersive perception for the audience. The final clip was delivered as well in 8K resolution to Huawei Headquarter in Shengzhen (China).